Instant Messaging Freedom, Inc.

We’re a non-profit organization whose goal is to support free instant messaging software. A primary purpose of the organization is to manage the affairs of Adium, Finch, Pidgin, Vulture and libpurple. This includes accepting tax-deductible donations, paying for web hosting, graphics, web site design, etc. It also includes protecting individual developers from lawsuits related to the software. It is important to note that we exist to assist the communities in developing their software; we do not control development.

And we don’t want to limit ourselves to helping only the software mentioned above. We hope to help any free and libre instant messaging software.

See bylaws our bylaws for a more elaborate list of goals.

You can verify our non profit status on the IRS’s Exempt Organization Search by entering our EIN number of 593837808.

The board currently comprises the following individuals:

  • President John Bailey Jr
  • Vice President Matthew Needham
  • Secretary Gary Kramlich
  • Treasurer John Bailey Jr
  • Director Colin Barrett
  • Director Ethan Blanton
  • Director Richard Laager
  • Director Peter Lawler
  • Director Eion Robb

Board meetings are held at least once yearly in the XMPP conference room Only board members are allowed to participate in meetings, but anyone is welcome to sit in and watch. Non-members can provide feedback either by messaging a board member directly or through open discussion in

2023-06-17 minutes
2022-07-10 minutes
2021-04-21 minutes
2020-04-22 minutes
2019-06-11 minutes
2018-05-03 minutes
2017-09-07 minutes
no transcript or recordings
2016-08-24 minutes
no transcript or recordings
2016-06-07 minutes
no transcript or recordings
2013-04-15 minutes
2012-04-18 minutes
no transcript or recordings
2011-04-14 minutes
no transcript or recordings
2009-11-23 no minutes available
2008-05-20 minutes
2007-05-15 minutes